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 Equine Assisted Learning at Humble Hooves focuses on education connection and healing. 

Equine Assisted Learning is about exploration of one’s self as one works through objectively driven exercises with horses. Horses can be our teachers, healers, mentors and more.

Horses are incredibly aware of their surroundings: they are able to feel and mirror what is happening for the person in front of them, they can even assess your heartbeat. They reflect free from judgement, they live in the moment and can provide immediate feedback.

In group sessions designed to give opportunity for the participants to explore personal growth skills such as: communication, compassion, teamwork, leadership and so much more. 

Participants report significant emotional and spiritual growth and increased awareness of their own recovery needs.

Staying in the present moment, emotional honesty, being uncomfortable without panicking, having healthy boundaries; these all support recovery but can be merely words or ideas. Horses can teach lessons that are not taught inside a classroom.

The field of Equine Assisted Learning partners people with horses in safe but powerful experiences. There is no riding and no one is pushed beyond their comfort level with the horses. Finely tuned receptors in the horse keep them safe in the wild where they can be preyed upon. Being with horses in an Equine Assisted Learning setting can help individuals in recovery from addiction to return to their natural instincts and connection to self, others, and nature. Horses are most comfortable with us when we are really ourselves. No judgment, no criticism; just how we are in the moment.

As people return to Cedars after a day at Humble Hooves, they take with them experiences that will continue to support their recovery.

Equine Assisted Learning is an optional component to the  inpatient addiction treatment programs offered at Cedars. Available for an additional fee, our patients are invited to attend the program in the final stages of their recovery process. Suitability for Equine Assisted Learning is determined by available funding, referral from the clinical team, and the patient.

For more information about Equine Assisted Learning and the programs offered at Humble Hooves please visit http://www.humblehooves.ca

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