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This place saved and changed my life. Best choice I ever made.

All of the staff here are heavily invested in the well being of their patients , they all have a true gift in showing compassion and helping people understand the true nature of addiction and themselves. I can’t thank them enough for everything they helped me through

This was the place for me. Amazing staff, life changing processes, and an atmosphere that accommodates opportunity to get in touch with nature, appreciate creation, and re-engage in the human experience

My life took a direction that I could have never imagined possible, in a very short time after attending Cedars. I think about what I discovered there daily, and it inspires me to stay on the right path and go a little deeper.

This is a wonderful place full of wonderful people that truly care.

Cedars is absolutely by far the most amazing place I’ve been to. Not only has it helped me in my addiction but it is very supportive in my recovery. The staff are just amazing people and it’s been over 3 years of sobriety and I truly am grateful to this facility. There are not enough words to describe my gratitude, thank you again.

Cedars gave me my life back. I am so grateful for everyone who works there and for all of my amazing peers. Thank you so much.

I am an Alumni from back in 2008. It was at Cedars where I rediscovered my purpose and joie de vie. Focus and joy are back in my life whether I’m at work, writing songs, recording or just musing. I am loving this Journey of Recovery!

I am very grateful for my sobriety. My sobriety is due to my treatment at Cedars & joining Alcoholics Anonymous. I attend three AA meetings a week – everyone is so friendly and united. It is the most fantastic organization in the world. I am so grateful to Cedars for introducing me to AA and for being a part of journey of my recovery. Thanks for my sobriety!

I have always relied far more on my intellect than on my feelings. I learned early on, watching my parents, that feelings led to pain, depression, drinking and drugs. Trying not to go down that path, I learned to use my head to control my heart. Now I know that while my head is still very useful, it isn’t necessarily more important than my heart. I can listen to my intuition without the fear of being sucked into a void of negative emotion that will pull me into some oblivion that I can’t get out of. If I have love, trust, and a community of compassion around me, and within me, my heart is safe and I am free to use my heart and my head as partners in a happier life.

Cedars did what it said it would do, Cedars did change my family significantly, by changing my life significantly. I was shown skill sets and was given knowledge to deal with the issues going forward. It was the sharing of all involved in the environment of self examination that brought about a new self awareness I had never before appreciated. As a result of the process, I have been a more complete Human Being, not just a Human Doing. My family needed me and I was in most cases somewhat absent. I didn’t have the tools to work the problems. Since Cedars, I have the tools and with my wife, have slowly but surely re-established a new dynamic in and across the family. We all now appear happier, not just in our immediate home but in our extended families. My work situation has improved significantly. I can say, for sure, that the team building in my practice is now delivering the best service I have personally delivered in thirty years of practice. The interesting thing is that my personal effort is half of what it used to be before Cedars, to get the same result. This is likely another benefit that I was able to garner, the ability to lead more effectively and communicate clearly with more meaningful conversations. Now more than ever before in our practice, high end, high performance, high satisfaction and a happy motivated staff with truly happy Veterinarians. All my personal relations have significantly improved. I claim to many that I have, after 56 years of desensitized Human Doing, matured to a sensitive Human Being. It’s amazing for others to change, you yourself have to change first. It was a gift for me to have an addict in my family – we’ve all changed and we’re all a lot better for it.

I think of Cedars as a healing sanctuary. I arrived in September 2006 completely broken by the disease of alcoholism. I had no understanding of the seriousness and/or complexity of my condition. During my 44 day treatment I learned about alcoholism and addiction as a disease and I was presented with a solution. With the guidance of knowledgeable and supportive Counsellors and staff, I was challenged to break out of unhealthy behaviour patterns and isolation and become an equal member of a healthy, spiritual community. I was given many recovery tools and introduced to the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to build a foundation for a new life. I have successfully implemented everything I learned at Cedars into my life and have remained sober. I recently returned to participate in the Discovery program. I consider it a vital part of my ongoing recovery. There I was able to uproot some core issues related to my drinking history in a safe and supportive environment. I’m only 25 years old; I was very near death before coming to Cedars for help, now I have hope in my heart, love and friendship in my life and a future before me. I look forward to a continued relationship with Cedars for many more sober years!

I was so lost in my addiction I no longer wanted to live. My life now is truly better. I have confidence again and a positive outlook on life. All the things I used to worry about no longer haunt me. Cedars gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my new life without drugs or alcohol. They also helped me find out who I really am; a friendly, caring, compassionate human being. Thanks to everyone at Cedars I now have a (promising) future. The staff and my peers at Cedars are some of the greatest people I have ever met. Thank you, I love you all!

I was extremely frightened when I walked through the doors but the staff and the clinical team helped me feel at home. I spent 9 weeks at cedars and I wouldn’t change it for the world. What is 9 weeks for a chance at a life time of sobriety? Cedars is a beautiful place and to me very spiritual. They gave me the tools to stay sober one day at a time and for that I am grateful. Also I will never forget the wonderful friendships I have made. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back.

Going through Cedars has helped me see that my life doesn’t have to be unmanageable and out of control. These days I hold my head up high I’m not shy, not scared and not alone, lost most of my anxiety and am no longer a menace to society. Cedars helped me put my feet back on the ground and gave me a solid foundation for my recovery. I still have the challenges and hurdles of everyday life to deal with; but I deal with all these without the use of alcohol or drugs (so much easier)! When I first walked in to Cedars I felt welcomed! The office staff, support staff, kitchen staff, gym instructor, Doctors and the of course the Counsellors are all world class! The friends I made at Cedars are all still a huge part of my new life. I now wake up every morning with a good conscience, knowing I do not have to say sorry too all the people I would have hurt if I was drinking. My work and family life are much better; I am reliable and a safe person to work with, I have a lot of patience and now have true feelings. In closing I would like to say thank you to all Cedars staff for saving my life!!

I had quite literally given up. All I wanted was the “desire” to not drink, I was so afraid I would never want to quit, I really surprised myself. Cedars helped turned my whole life around. Today I am just short of 11 months sober but the best part is the difference to the quality of my life. Not only have I lost the obsession but the skills I have learned have helped me to overcome so many other obstacles in my life. It really is simple (not easy!) and it really works if you want it bad enough.

THANK YOU again to all the staff for my miraculous experience, and for giving me the tools to live a healthy and happy life. Neil, I will never forget you and Dermot because of the life line you two gave me.

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