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Alcoholism and rehabilitation in Canada

Compared to other places, alcoholism is more widespread in Canada. It is, in fact, more widespread that typical drug addiction. The problem with alcohol addiction is that it starts at an early age. The social norms dictate that there is nothing wrong for people to drink in friendly and family gatherings. At Friday nights and Saturday nights, drinking is also understandable and accepted. For office workers, this is the time to unwind from all their stressful work during the entire week. For adolescents and college students, drinking is a cool thing. As a matter of fact, there are parents in our modern society who encourage their children to drink starting from an early age.

All things considered, drinking doesn’t seem to be harmful to people. For that reason, the onset of alcohol addiction mostly goes unnoticed. Since social drinking can lead to future abuse of alcohol, rehabilitation centers in Canada advise against it. Rehabilitation is given large funding by the government, in order to compensate for the drinking problems that Canadians have today. In effect, there are many rehabilitation centers built all over Canada, each and every one of them offering good quality rehabilitation services. The facilities are well maintained and kept open to everybody.

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