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its your story

We know that sharing our experience, strength, and hope is essential to healing.

Through this collaborative project we will come together with our alumni and members of the recovery community as individuals in recovery and as allies to create the space to share our stories of hope and transformation. Our goal is to inspire others to live with courageous vulnerability, to experience the power of virtue in one’s humanity and to witness that there is hope of a life free from addiction.


Your powerful story can help others on their own path to recovery. Not to mention, getting involved and giving back to the Cedars recovery community is a great way to become re-energized in your own recovery journey.

Cedars did what it said it would do, Cedars did change my family significantly, by changing my life significantly. I was shown skill sets and was given knowledge to deal with the issues going forward. It was the sharing of all involved in the environment of self examination that brought about a new self awareness I had never before appreciated. As a result of the process, I have been a more complete Human Being, not just a Human Doing. My family needed me and I was in most cases somewhat absent. I didn’t have the tools to work the problems. Since Cedars, I have the tools and with my wife, have slowly but surely re-established a new dynamic in and across the family. We all now appear happier, not just in our immediate home but in our extended families.
~ Ron D.
I think of Cedars as a healing sanctuary. I had no understanding of the seriousness and/or complexity of my condition. During my treatment I learned about alcoholism and addiction as a disease and I was presented with a solution. With the guidance of knowledgeable and supportive Counsellors and staff, I was challenged to break out of unhealthy behaviour patterns and isolation and become an equal member of a healthy, spiritual community. I was given many recovery tools and introduced to the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to build a foundation for a new life. I have successfully implemented everything I learned at Cedars into my life and have remained sober. I’m only 25 years old; I was very near death before coming to Cedars for help, now I have hope in my heart, love and friendship in my life and a future before me. I look forward to a continued relationship with Cedars for many more sober years!
~ Vicki R.

Stay Connected

If you are a member of our alumni network from any of our residential or outpatient addiction treatment programs, or are a family member who attended the Discovery Program, you are considered an alumnus of Cedars – we want to stay connected to you! Cedars staff is here to help you cultivate connection with us, with your alumni network and with your community.

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