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Practicing mindfulness allows individuals with a tendency to be disconnected from the present moment, and overly focused on their thoughts, to cultivate a connection with the world around them. Our tendency towards a focus on self, to the exclusion of our environments and resources available to us, is a feature of an addiction disorder. By practicing redirecting our awareness we are able to lessen the amount of time spent rehashing the past and/or fearing future. Mindfulness practice facilitates healing and growth by disrupting addictive cycle thought patterns.

Mindfulness is “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” This therapeutic technique teaches us to live in the moment, connected to our bodies and breath and able to quiet our minds. Simply pausing throughout the day to quietly notice how we feel can bring wonderful benefits. Meditation is a common mindfulness method however can be difficult to integrate into one’s life. Whereas mindfulness can be practiced as we move throughout our day allowing an integrated and simple practice to bring connection and new awareness on the recovery journey.

 By Piper Deggan

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