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As a nationally accredited essential healthcare service, Cedars remains open and accepting patients meeting our COVID-19 admissions criteria. Please contact us for more information about our programs.

An overview of addiction types

Thing of addictions and you think of drugs including tobacco and alcohol, you may assume as well that the reasons for these addictions are purely to do with your body demanding and craving the chemicals in them but it is also very…

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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction isn’t seen as being as serious as drug addiction but alcohol is a drug and the consequences of addiction can be as serious. The main difference between alcohol and other drugs is that alcohol in small amounts is safe and…

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How to tell if you have an addiction

People with addictions rarely realize they have an addiction until it is much too late and it is deep set. The problem with many addictions is that you may feel you can do without something until you try to stop. For many…

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Features offered by Vancouver rehab centers

Drug rehab centers in Vancouver are known for high quality service and a wide range of features. Among many things, Vancouver rehab centersoffer residential inpatient treatment, outpatient rehabilitation, bio-repair rehabilitation treatments and detoxification. Drug centers aren’t only for drug addiction and…

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