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Acorn Recovery Housing

Building a balanced life through recovery living programs

Completing a treatment program is the first step in any recovery journey – and it’s one to be proud of. At Cedars, we often talk about the importance of focusing on continuing care following treatment to help manage expectations and increase chances of long-term sobriety. For some people, that includes spending time in a recovery living house where they can work with peers to implement the skills and tools learned at Cedars.

Balancing daily life and active recovery can be challenging at the best of times. During treatment, you’re protected from everyday stresses and triggers that can make maintaining sobriety difficult but returning to the “real world” and finding a healthy, balanced lifestyle on your own can be daunting.

Recovery living programs provide a stepping-stone after in-patient treatment, where residents learn to reintegrate and establish themselves early to provide the best chance for long-term recovery. Building upon the integrative approach that Cedars teaches, our own recovery living program, Acorn Recovery Living, focuses on physical and mental wellbeing, family systems and community support.

Rebuilding with structure and support
In a safe and supportive environment, surrounded by peers, residents at Acorn relearn how to socialize and build a life without unhealthy dependencies. Through the program, residents develop responsibility, accountability and self-reliance by:

  • Attending 12-step meetings
  • Keeping a daily planner
  • Connecting with peers and people in long-term recovery
  • Completing service work
  • Daily tasks such as planning and preparing meals, shopping for necessities

Living a balanced life
Structure and support are essential to a successful long-term recovery but finding enjoyment in sober living is just as important. At Acorn, we encourage residents to explore new, healthy hobbies and activities that are physically and mentally enriching.

During their time at Acorn, residents have access to social and recreational activities, such as fitness and rec centres, sports fields, movie theatres and religious services – not to mention our local parks and beach.

Our hope is that when residents leave, they will have been able to reconnect with some of the healthy habits they enjoyed before their addiction – being outdoors, hiking, playing golf, attending sports events – and remember how to have fun sober.

A growing recovery community
The lessons learned and relationships formed at Acorn are built to last. Many of our alumni stay in touch, with some returning to work at Acorn or acting as role models to help guide new residents through their early recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about Acorn Recovery Living and how recovery living contributes to long-term success, please reach out to our team at info@cedarscobblehill.com

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