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As a nationally accredited essential healthcare service, Cedars remains open and accepting patients meeting our COVID-19 admissions criteria. Please contact us for more information about our programs.
Cedars Cobble Hill: FAQS

Cedars Cobble Hill: FAQS

Are you thinking of coming to Cedars Cobble Hill but are unsure about our services? Worry no more! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that our lovely staff members answer on a daily basis:

Q: How long is the Cedars addiction treatment program?
A: Our programs are based on a patient’s individual needs. That being said, our services are focused on “progress through achievement,” a tactic that is sure to provide each individual with a personalized rehabilitation experience.

Q: How long is the average patient stay?
A: The average patient stay at Cedars is approximately 45-55 days, depending on individual progress and needs.

Q: What addiction services do you provide?
A: Cedars specializes in providing services to those who are seeking treatment for alcohol, drug, and process addictions as well as those who are suffering from trauma, PTSD, OSI, or an eating disorder.

Q: How much does your rehabilitation program cost?
A: The treatment program is based on the length of stay. Typically, treatments range anywhere from $23,000-$25,000, which includes counselling, psychiatric, and medical costs in most cases.

Q: Is there a waitlist to get into Cedars at Cobble Hill?
A: This depends on our daily intakes and completions. Most of the time, we do not have a waitlist HOWEVER we cannot confirm that there won’t be any. In the past, we have had waitlists ranging anywhere between 2-14 days in length, so the safest way to know is to call or send us an email.

Q: What can’t I bring with me to Cedars?
A: Here are some of the things that our patients are not permitted to bring with them:
1. Alcohol
2. Band aids
3. Bathing Suits
4. Blankets
5. Cameras
6. Candles
7. Cards and Games
8. Chewing tobacco and Copenhagen products
9. Cigarette rolling papers
10. Cigars
11. Clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs, gambling, violence or casinos
12. Clothing that is ripped, torn or very dirty
13. Drug paraphernalia
14. Explosives
15. Felt Pens and White Out
16. Food, Drinks brought from outside Cedars
17. Gambling paraphernalia
18. Gum
19. Hair shaver/clippers
20. Hairspray with alcohol
21. Hair dye
22. Hand Sanitizer (alcohol based)
23. Knives
24. Lottery and scratch tickets
25. Mood altering chemicals
26. Mouthwash (alcohol based) 27. Musical Instruments
28. Nail Polish and Remover
29. Open packages of tobacco or cigarettes
30. Perfume, cologne, after-shave, strong perfumed lotions, deodorants and body sprays
31. Pictures that depict alcohol, drug, gambling usage
32. Pornographic material
33. Purses/wallets
34. Scissors
35. Sexually explicit clothing
36. Sheets, pillows and towels
37. Sports equipment
38. Straight razors
39. Tanning lotions and sprays
40. Televisions, radios, stereos, clock radios, i-pods, mp3 players, etc.
41. Umbrellas
42. Unidentified and/or loose pills/medications
43. Weapons
44. Zippos, lighter fluid and butane (except curling iron refills), no matches
45. E-cigarettes are allowed and sealed juices. Unsealed juices will be disposed of as per clinical discretion.

Q: Do you offer couples treatment?
A: No. All of our patients have individual needs and in order to assure the best outcome, each person goes through different therapies and has a unique experience. That said, this is offered through our continuing care services after initial treatment is completed.

Q: Is family involvement available?
A: Yes! For our regular program, Cedars gives patients the opportunity to speak over the phone with family and friends a week after their arrival. Visit times are arranged weekly during Sunday afternoons.
If patients are seeking for a family experience, Cedars offers the Discovery Program- a six-day treatment therapy for all family members. Discovery was designed for family members who have been affected by their loved one’s addiction. It promotes a number of multidisciplinary care tactics including educational lectures, somatic therapy, and experiential exercises.

Q: What kinds of therapies will I practice throughout the program?
A: At Cedars, we incorporate a wide range of therapeutic services ranging from CBT to different somatic treatments to art and equine therapy. We pride ourselves in providing the best approach to recovery for individual patients. The importance of individual recovery is crucial to a positive recovery outcome.

Q: Are your services based on the 12-steps?
A: No, the treatment program is not strictly dedicated to the 12-steps however; they are integrated throughout the recovery curriculum.

Q: I have no way of getting to Cedars. Can you pick me up from the ferry/airport?
A: Yes! Cedars at Cobble Hill offers patients with transportation services to and from our residential treatment facilities from surrounding areas such as Nanaimo or Victoria.

Q: Does Cedars provide continuing care after the completion of the program?
A: Yes! Cedars does not believe in treating a chronic disease with an acute care model. For this reason, we recommend that our patients complete post-group therapy for a minimum of 6 months. This continuing care approach focuses on incorporating a diverse group of people that are recovering from different addictions and who have been out of therapy for different lengths of time. This post-therapy approach will allow recovering addicts to see others progression through the treatment process and will give them various perspectives on coping methods.

Q: Do you have gym or pool facilities on site?
A: No, Cedars does not have facilities like this on site however, we do have time allotted to daily physical training sessions.

Q: I take daily medications; should I bring them with me to Cedars?
A: In general, no. Our physicians and pharmacy will ensure that necessary prescription medication is provided for you. It is difficult to verify the contents of outside medications and thus for the safety of our patients we generally ask that you inform us of what medication you will need prior to arrival.
If you have any further inquiries or questions about our procedures or services at Cedars, please feel free to give us a call at (250)733-2006 or email us at

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