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Cedars at Cobble Hill partners with St. Joseph Hospital to bring recovery program to Saskatchewan

Based in British Columbia since 2006, Cedars has helped thousands of people begin their recovery journeys. We believe that addiction disorders are a treatable illness and that with specific care properly applied, patients can expect long-term success. Over the years, we’ve grown beyond our primary inpatient facility at Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island to offer recovery living residences in the Lower Mainland and online support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing Cedars at Cobble Hill to Saskatchewan

In 2020, we were proud to expand our program to Estevan, Saskatchewan, through a partnership with the Province of Saskatchewan and St. Joseph’s Hospital. While in BC we have seen record numbers of opioid overdoses, Saskatchewan has struggled with increasing use of methamphetamine.

Originally created to help address this problem, the program at St. Joseph’s hospital includes 32 beds with 24 beds specifically for patients struggling with meth addiction. Five additional beds are reserved for other addictions, plus four beds for pre-treatment and five for post-treatment.

Applying 15 years of learning to a new program

The program in Saskatchewan follows the same best practices that have helped so many of our alumni, focused on evidence-based treatment with inclusive and individualized recovery solutions. In addition, St. Joseph’s Hospital will use knowledge gained through the program to develop medication protocols for crystal meth treatment.

As well as initial inpatient treatment, the program now includes a recovery living program to help patients reintegrate into the community and learn more about sober living. With space for 12 residents, the recovery living home in Estevan will help residents discover how to balance life with recovery in a supportive, structured environment, giving them their best chance at recovery.

Stayed connected online – the Cedar Trails alumni app

Alumni from the St. Joseph’s Hospital recovery program are now able to join our Cedar Trails Alumni App! The app offers an easy platform to connect with peers and coaches and access to recovery resources and inspirational content.

If you have any questions about our partnership with St. Joseph’s Hospital or how you or your loved one can get help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@cedarscobblehill.com or 1-866-716-2006.




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