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Choosing Between Outpatient and Inpatient Programs at Rehab Centers in Canada

When a person who is addicted to any psychotropic substance finally decides to seek treatment at a rehab center in Canada, he has to choose between outpatient and inpatient programs. Understanding the difference between these programs will go a long way in helping a patient decide on the kind of treatment that best suits his needs.

Both these treatments have a number of items in common such as group therapy, family therapy, etc. The most obvious difference is where the patient will be during the treatment. The addict who opts for an inpatient program will receive treatment at the facility, throughout the day. The exact duration of the program depends on the policy of the rehab center as well as the needs of the patient. In general, it lasts for three to six months.

An outpatient program allows the patient to remain at home during treatment. This allows him to keep working and be with his family. The amount of hours he needs to attend at the rehab center is decided by the physician. Most people who undergo rehab choose this option.

Inpatient treatments are recommended for cases of serious addiction since the individual receives more comprehensive care.

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