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Common Fears in Addiction Recovery

Feelings of fear are a natural part of human nature. In the face of genuine danger, fear is an instinct that can protect us, helping us be cautious and alert in order to respond appropriately to threats. However, irrational fear can also get the best of an individual, becoming a barrier to positive action. This kind of fear can also lead to destructive behaviour or negative feelings of anxiety or stress.

Similarly, when it comes to recovery – fear is a natural emotion.

While fear can be motivation for seeking treatment, all too often fears are also motivation for not seeking treatment. From the moment you decide to seek help for addiction, continuing through treatment and even in long-term recovery, it’s common to have many fears, including:

●     Fear of failure

●     Fear of change

●     Fear of the unknown

●     Fear of leaving loved ones for treatment

●     Fear that life won’t be as fun sober

●     Fear of consequences

●     Fear of having to share feelings with others

●     Fear of trusting others

●     Fear of perception and stigma

●     Fear of admitting to needing or asking for help

●     Fear of the spiritual aspect of treatment

●     And even, fear of success

On the path to recovery, fear is unavoidable. With any of these common fears, overcoming them is a necessary step on the path to a successful, long-term recovery. And the only way to overcome them is by facing them. Although facing your fears can be an uncomfortable and challenging process, by exposing your fears for what they truly are – False Emotions Appearing Real – you can not only face them but in fact use them as a guide to achieve personal change.

Don’t let fear stop you from reaching out and changing your life for the better. Life can and does get better in sobriety. Cedars staff are available 24/7.  Please call 1-866-716-2006 today and let go of your fears.

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