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Comprehensive Recovery

Comprehensive Recovery

One of the challenges of an addiction disorder is the embedded notion that our challenges can be resolved by changing our environment, relationships and situations. Additionally we live in a society that believes in the concept of immediacy, and this basic societal assumption all too often hinders the long-term views that are necessary to achieve recovery. A long-term paradigm is of the utmost importance as addiction disorders are chronic and progressive. In the pursuit of recovery, there are no quick and easy fixes.

Treating an addiction disorder requires much more than addressing the physical symptoms. The underlying behaviors and attitudes are pervasive in our psyches. Implementing a multi-faceted approach that addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of each individual is a must.  Recovery cannot be solely concerned with rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol; it must be concerned with an overall restructuring of ones operating system. As new awareness is gained, we identify our addictive cycles and maladaptive coping tools and begin to reconnect with our authentic emotions.

Because recovery is a lifelong commitment it requires maintenance of positive and constructive action.  The goal of treatment is to transmit the tools necessary toward making the right choices as they relate not only to addiction, but to life as well. By investing in yourself, it is possible to make change and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. With a fresh start, an individual can find a new path upon which to tread, a path providing encouragement through meaningful relationships, love, connection, serenity, and freedom from the dark corners of addiction disorders.  A world exists beyond the baser realities of addiction, a world that makes life worth living, a world free from judgment, shame, disconnection, anger and regret.

By:  Aidan Toal & Piper Deggan

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