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Dangers of Alcohol Detox

At Cedars, we handle numerous types of medical detox when patients arrive for treatment. In many cases, detox is difficult but not overly dangerous to the addicts life. But, there are instances when the individual has been abusing substances for so long and to such a large extent, that medically monitored detox is necessary. It may surprise individuals to learn that one of the hardest substances to detox from is alcohol.

Out of the many substances that may be used by an addict, alcohol is often the number one choice. Due to how accessible it is and it’s legal use in Canada, it is often viewed by society as an acceptable substance to indulge in. Alcohol has the illusion of being less of a problem than illegal and other legal substances. Those who are not directly affected by addiction may not realize that just like many other drugs, alcohol can lead to major issues. It affects one’s relationship, mental & physical health, finances and many other aspects. Alcohol consumption also has a major impact on the social and economic environment in Canada. In a study completed by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, research determined that, there are more hospitalizations for alcohol than for heart attacks in Canada. 


To experience withdrawal from alcohol is not in itself dangerous, but how the body reacts to the lack of alcohol can be critical to one’s health. An addict may experience nausea, anxiety, sweating, insomnia and even more serious symptoms such as seizures and cardiac arrest. It is vital that patients undergoing strenuous detox are monitored in a medical environment for their overall health and safety. 

How can alcohol detox affect the body in such an extreme way? Over the course of an addicts life of abusing alcohol, the central nervous system is greatly affected. This is due to the fact that alcohol is a depressant and slows down the functions of their central nervous system. When the body suddenly experiences lack of the substance, it goes into shock. This can lead to the extreme side effects such as seizures and cardiac arrest.

At Cedars, each treatment program is completely individualized including our detoxification process. Although it may be intimidating, we strive to make our medically assisted detox as comfortable as possible with 24-hour care. Our team of doctors, nurses and support staff work together to ensure a smooth transition from entry to the facility, to detox and into our full treatment program.

If you or your family is struggling with an addiction, please give us a call at 1-866-716-2006.

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