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Drug & Alcohol Treatment: What To Expect

Drug & Alcohol Treatment: What To Expect

If you have made the decision to attend treatment at Cedars Cobble Hill Residential Treatment centre, this is a huge step. Admitting you need help can often be the most difficult however; once you have made the call to enter a program for substance abuse, eating disorders or process addictions such as sex or gambling the admission coordinators at Cedars are there to guide and support you through the process of transitioning into residential treatment. Here are some suggestions when preparing to enter a residential facility for addictions:

What to Do: Getting Affairs in Order

After you have spoken to an admissions coordinator at Cedars and set up a date to arrive in treatment, the next step is to tell people that you will be going to rehabilitation for an open ended period of time (with the average being 6-8 weeks). This can include contacting an employer to request a leave of absence or informing a landlord to make arrangements for payments. For individuals in dire need of treatment right away, there may not be time to make advance preparations. Asking for help from a family member or loved one can be an important part of this process. Many people are willing to do whatever it takes to support a loved on the path of recovery.

What to Bring: Packing For Treatment

Sometimes, patients are admitted to Cedars at Cobble Hill with very little advance prep time and that is quite alright. All you really need is a suitcase with indoor/outdoor clothes and some basic toiletries. While inpatient treatment typically lasts for six to eight weeks we recommend packing for 7 days as there are laundry facilitates on site. This should include comfortable daytime clothing, gym shoes and clothes for fitness (personal training, yoga practice and daily walks on the forested trails are part of the wellness component during treatment at Cedars) pajamas and warmer clothes – jackets, sweatpants, winter boots for the cooler months. Cedars Residential Addiction Treatment Centre is situated on over 65 acres of property and is located on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of British Columbia. Although we typically do not get much in the way of snow, it can rain and weather patterns can fluctuate a fair amount during the winter season. Clothing items such as revealing clothing (spaghetti strap tank tops, short shorts etc.) offensive clothing or items depicting violence or substance use will not be permitted but will be kept locked up separately for the duration of a patients stay in treatment. If a patient is unsure if their clothes fit within these categories a member of the clinical team along with the patient will evaluate their garments suitability. Items such as electronic devices including cell phones, laptops are often needed during the transition to treatment and once a patient enters rehabilitation at Cedars these items are kept locked up for safe keeping.

If you do take any prescription medications, you can bring these medicines provided that you have them in them in blister packed original pharmacy packaging. You can also bring toiletries, such as shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. These items are also available in the Cedars Gift Shop. We can provide you with a full list of recommended items to pack, as well as a copy of our weekly schedule during your initial consultation with an admissions coordinator.

Travelling: Getting To Treatment

We have prospective patients from all over Canada and the United States. Our travelling patients coming from Northern BC, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and the Eastern Provinces. These individuals can fly Air Canada or WestJet and are picked up by a member of Cedars Support Staff from Victoria Airport or Nanaimo Airport which are both located on Vancouver Island on British Columbia’s West Coast approximately 45 minutes away from the Cedars Rehab. International flights are also available through Pacific Coastal Air and other international Airlines from the US.  Individuals located on the lower mainland often choose to travel via BC Ferries with Terminals located at Departure Bay or Duke Point in Nanaimo, BC and in Swartz Bay in Victoria, BC. Float Plane terminals are located in the inner harbour of both Nanaimo & Victoria as well as Genoa Bay in the Cowichan Valley. All of our addiction treatment admissions coordinators are well versed in transportation options and are happy to aid in this process.

What to Expect: During Inpatient Treatment

Once a patient arrives on the property their recovery journey begins. The initial intake appointment is conducted with an admissions coordinator, followed by an extensive visit with the addiction medicine physician. A detox protocol will be created if required, and a patient will be connected with their addictions counsellor, support staff and a treatment sponsor. Our drug & alcohol and disordered eating treatment programs are tailored to the individual so everyone has a slightly different experience. Inpatient addiction treatment includes: Daily reading/meditation, mindfulness practices, specialty groups, individual and peer assessments, group therapy, 12 step work, assignments, individual counselling, walks in our 60 acres of forest, fitness classes with our personal trainer, yoga, movie/games nights, AA/NA meetings, and Cedars Alumni Night Friday meeting. There is also an opportunity for patients to attend local offsite meetings, and participate in the Equine Therapy program facilitated by Generation Farms.

What Happens Next: Continuing Care After Residential Treatment

After a patient has completed Inpatient Treatment, there are several options available to them. Some will be encouraged and supported to transition into the Cedars Extended Care Program. Other patients will be invited to attend a Recovery House or Sober Living Facility to aid them in their transition back home or in a new location. Cedars at Cobble Hill works closely with several Recovery Homes located in Nanaimo, BC & Victoria, BC. A patient is also provided with a clear, comprehensive aftercare plan that includes: weekly continuing care group therapy participation, regular 12-step meeting attendance, recommendations for obtaining a sponsor and relapse prevention practices. Long-term recovery support is perhaps the greatest key to a sustained recovery.

We understand addiction is a chronic and progressive neurological brain disease with psychological, spiritual, and social implications.  We also know that inpatient treatment is an acute intervention in the addiction process and like other chronic illnesses, long term management will be necessary. At Cedars, we believe that abstinence from drugs or addictive behaviors is just the starting point. Abstinence alone is not recovery. You can recover mental and physical health, family relationships, careers and reputations. You can also recover a life filled with meaning and the endless possibilities that are presented when you enter a life of recovery. At Cedars the major steps in the recovery process are clearly described and the methods for achieving success are well understood.

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