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Drug destruction

Reasons such as neglect, peer pressure and abuse can turn a healthy individual into a drug addict who abuses substances and chemicals. During such time that they are abusing drugs, they end up consuming large amounts of harmful chemicals, drugs and other substances which not only weaken their body but also their mind. Addicts are more prone than healthy individuals to getting diseases and illnesses. Apart from which they suffer from loss of appetite, stamina and tend to withdraw into a lonely space. With constant drug abuse, an addict’s body becomes weaker and soon they are even unable to perform normal activities. In extreme cases the mental balance also gets affected.

Some hardcore addicts even suffer from intense paranoia, hallucinations and aggression. This alienates the drug addict from their family and friends who are viewed as danger by the addict. The disability to think coherently and sanely is due to the damage caused by drugs, chemicals and substance. Long term abuse of them leads to a mental and physical destruction. Society judges addicts severely but when it comes to drug abuse such addicts are also perceived as a menace and danger. All drug addicts are known to lie, steal and cheat to supplement their habit.

Posted BY Tim