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Drug rehab British Columbia: What do you know?

In a lot of cases, a drug addict attends a series of rehabilitation treatments but in the end, the relapse kicks in right before the whole program ended. What’s wrong in this picture?

The problem why many patients experience relapse before completing their rehabilitation treatments is because they neglect preliminary addiction assessment. This is an integral part of rehabilitation that is often forgotten. People also misconstrue addiction assessment as if taking it would mean they have severe addiction. The truth is, there’s really no way of gauging the extent of a person’s addiction without taking preliminary assessment.

The assessment needs to be done by a neutral agency, and not the rehabilitation facility. This is to ensure that there is no outside influence to the decision made for the patient. For the patient’s part, the recommendation of the neutral agency must be followed without compromise. This is the only way to make sure that the treatment will go along smoothly.

In British Colombia, taking assessment before rehabilitation programs is encouraged by all rehabilitation centers. If you are looking for drug rehab British Columbia organizations will help you find the right place to admit your patient. This is a clear advantage that you must take advantage of.

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