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What Happens After Inpatient Care?

After inpatient care, it can be a little difficult for a substance abuser to understand what they are about to do. It can be a bit difficult to find what life’s about after that, and for many, it’s a trying time because they’re more or less left to their own devices for hours on end. There’s no longer the structure that they’ve had in the past, and this structure could be a significant reason why they stayed clean during inpatient care. Fortunately enough, for a lot of treatment centres, this isn’t the end – it’s a new beginning. And for many people and centres, it’s the most important part of the process.

After inpatient care, many centres offer a continued program through outpatient care, which is essentially the same thing as inpatient except that the person doesn’t live in the facility anymore. Oftentimes, the location and the treatment are the same, although there’s an emphasis put on living outside of the walls and still staying clean. This emphasis is important; living clean when there’s no one monitoring is exceptionally hard to do, especially when the temptation is there and there’s little to nothing stopping the abuser to pick up right where they have left off.

Posted By Tim