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In high spirits

An alcoholic is someone who is dependent on any spirits to acquire a delusional state of exhilaration. Often such individuals are inherently unhappy in their childhood due to neglectful, abusive or addicted parents. The amount of alcohol consumed is directly proportionate to the feeling of levity and escapism which lasts until the effects wear off. No amount of alcohol is enough. This leads to alcohol addiction and soon even normal functions in a daily life are impossible without the consumption of alcohol.

Like any other addict, alcoholics too will go to any lengths to procure the alcohol; by lying, cheating, stealing and at times, committing crimes or even succumbing to violence. Alcohol addiction has the ability to change the personality of an individual and to control their mind.

Not only does alcoholism wreck havoc in the mind of an individual, it also breaks downs all relationships; familial and societal. Alcoholics become a threat and danger to their families and others. Since alcohol dulls the thinking and heightens negative emotions such as aggression and violence. It also destroys the liver as well as strength, vitality and immunity in the body, reducing an individual to a skeletal form which ultimately results in death if not treated correctly.

Posted BY Tim