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How to Have Fun Sober

With these hot summer days out and about, Cedars is here to help you come up with activities that can be enjoyed sober. That’s right- SOBER! Within our recovery, we continuously look for new ways to appreciate life and occupy our time with healthy interests. Our team has gathered a list of our favourite things to do during the summer months to help you not only battle the heat but steer clear of boredom as well!

Before we dive into the list of amazing summer fun, our team at Cedars has one piece of advice to share; find both personal and social-based interests! While it is important to spend time with others and exchange meaningful conversations, it is equally important to leave some time for yourself- this includes down time! A lot of people don’t give themselves enough time to rest and regenerate their energies. Leave a designated time slot for “me time”- it’ll be worth it! That being said, let’s take a look at the different things you can do to finish the summer off right:

1. Join a Sport
No- we do not mean a beer league! We’re talking a full pledged sport that enhances your physical well-being and pushes your limits. Not only will sports help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but they will also contribute to making new connections within your community. “Where can I sign up for such activities?!” We’re glad you asked. Check out a local recreation centre for a schedule of their summer programs. Fitness gyms will also offer a selection of athletic classes to help you keep in shape.

2. Substance Free Camping
We know what you’re thinking… this idea is madness. In reality, it can be done! Camping is about creating connections and being at one with nature without technology is just the way to do that. Invite your support system-whether it be family, friends, or colleagues- and enjoy human conversations! What’s camping without a campfire? Instead of having a few drinks around the fire, make s’mores! Then go swimming in the lake… or maybe even boating. This is all very exciting. Do we need to go on? ABSOLUTELY. Have a S’more cook-off! Say whaaaat?! Check out this link:

3. Take a Road Trip With Your Best Buddies
Sick and tired of being in the same place all the time? Plan a road trip with your friends! Having the opportunity to live on Vancouver Island, there’s never need to go far. From Victoria to Tofino and beyond, there are so many great lakes and local attractions to see in BC. If you’re not from the island… we’re sure there are many beautiful places to see- wherever you may be! The great thing about this is that it is pretty cost effective. You and your friends can split the cost and camp to save money. There are two ways to do a road trip: 1-either create a one-of-a-kind itinerary of all the amazing and unique spots on your list or 2- be spontaneous! Sometimes not knowing where you will end up makes for the best adventure. P.S… don’t forget your selfie stick😉

4. Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding
Floating in the middle of the lake or the ocean watching the clouds go by is an amazing way to spend a hot summer day by yourself or with some company. It’s a great way to get a tan too! With our busy schedules, it’s often hard to find time for ourselves- and what better way than with a nice cold lemonade on the fresh water? Most of the time, you can find kayak or paddle board rentals at your desired location. Not sure where to go?! Look up lakes and beaches near you!

5. Take a hike!
*Pun intended* There’s no need to go anywhere for this- if you live in a beautiful town, explore it! Go find places that you never knew existed. Canada is full of beautiful views that many people haven’t seen. Find yourself in an “aw” moment and take it all in. You can even reflect on the experience by writing in a journal- what did you feel in the moment? Write that down! Better yet, bring a notebook with you and jot down your feelings in that exact moment. If you want it to last longer, take a picture! Then have that picture blown up to remind you of that special moment. Who knows… it might end up as a decorative piece in your living room!

Now get out and enjoy the rest of your summer… sober!

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