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Why Outpatient Care Doesn’t Always Work

Getting help for drug addiction is something that should be of the utmost concern. Any kind of help can be beneficial, but that’s not to say that they all can really solve the problem.

Of all of the ways to handle it, inpatient and outpatient care are two of the most popular, and are widely used by people who have problems with addiction all over the world. Unfortunately, outpatient care doesn’t always work for people, and there are a couple of reasons why. Here, we’ll tell you why this may be the case, and why many people should consider inpatient care, at least in the initial stages of battling addiction.

The biggest reason is because with outpatient care, the temptation may be too large for people. When they are left on their own, a person has the ability to revisit all of those places where they used the drugs. They have the ability to contact the people who they have used drugs with, and contact all of their previous dealers – you get the picture. In short, it’s just really easy to slip back into that lifestyle.

Outpatient also doesn’t allow for the real one on one counseling and expertise that one would get if they were in a rehab facility. These trusted professionals are some of the most significant reasons that people become, and ultimately, stay clean.
Outpatient care is still a fantastic way to abstain from drugs and alcohol, but for many, it’s just not sufficient as inpatient care.

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