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Why People Don’t Go to Rehab Part Four

Of course no one likes to tell themselves that they were beaten by something, and particularly not by life, but the reality is that once someone turns to drugs it’s not a matter of smarts or will power, but rather a matter of chemical addiction – being addicted then is nothing to be ‘ashamed of’ rather it is an illness in the same way that any other illness is.

This is why it is often said that the first step to recovery is admitting and accepting the problem. From here they then must truly want to change, and from there they can become more open to rehab centers.

Even then though people might be reluctant to use rehab centers for other various reasons. For one they might be weary that people will perceive them as ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’ and for this reason it’s very important that everyone around them supports them and explains to them that they are proud of that decision and that rehab centers are a good idea.

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