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Why People Don’t Go to Rehab Part Three

This of course means that again they are actually more scared to stop giving up than there are to continue. It is important in this scenario to try to help the person to overcome that psychological condition rather than to try and combat the addiction itself. Once you’ve beaten that, and demonstrated the importance of quitting and the damage that drug addiction is doing to the person, then they can begin to want to quit and to agree to any measure – such as rehab centers.

There are also reasons that people are often loathe to seek out rehab centers and addiction treatment that don’t have to do with the addiction, but rather have to do with the person’s perceptions of drug rehab.

Drug rehab for instance is often viewed by people for instance with some stigma – people think that going to drug rehab is an admission of that addiction. Many people like to tell themselves that they are too sensible and too smart to get addicted to a drug, and that they could stop if they wanted to.

Posted By Tim