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Why People Don’t Go to Rehab Part Two

Many people feel that they are better able to deal with their drug addiction without the help of others and without rehab and that this is something they can deal with on their own. Of course though this is the addiction speaking – they are simply finding excuses to carry on with their current way of life and to manage their addiction in a way that doesn’t mean going cold turkey and telling themselves it’s for their own good.

This is why they always say that you have to ‘want to stop’ to beat any addiction and it’s true – you have to be able to overcome your own desire for the drug in the short term with a powerful long term motivation to stop – because it will take all the will power in the world to give up.

Some people as well will be using drugs as a way to treat other symptoms. This is a form of ‘self medication’ and they might be treating for depression, anxiety or stress.

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