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Process of de-addiction

1. Detoxification: This is the first process in a drug rehab center. A patient is detoxified from all harmful substances that his body may have been polluted with already. The process revives his natural health system and prepares it for medical treatments. It is the most important step in the entire process of treatment. During this process, the drug addicts are prevented from consuming the drug they have been addicted to or any other intoxicating substance that may cause addiction. This usually causes a strong withdrawal symptom in the patients and it is indeed very difficult to pull out the patients through the tough time.

2. Medication: This is the second process administered on a patient. In this process, the patients are given medications to fix the underlying health issues caused due to their addiction to drugs or other harmful intoxicants. The medicines curb down cravings for drugs of the patients. This is a crucial process as many times, patients tend to fall back into addictions. Most of the times, a psychotherapist counsels and administers these drugs so as to prevent relapses.

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