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A range of treatments for addictions

Rehabilitation from addiction is seen as akin to the way lunatics were dealt with in 19th century sanatoriums, locking people up, treating them like fools or children and simply denying them what they crave until the cravings cease. This isn’t what a rehab center is like though and also simply wouldn’t work. To assume that an addiction is simply to do with cravings would be wrong, even in the cases of some of the most addictive drugs. Psychology is important to recovery and understanding of the initial problem that led to addiction is needed. An addict needs to find peace with themselves and happiness, depression and stress often lead to addiction. Many therapies on offer help people to relax and see what they can get out of life, activities such as art and sport are meditative and help the patient feel better about themselves and build up confidence.Addictions often become worse where a person\’s image of themselves is low and their esteem means they care little for what happens to them: this outlook must be changed through counseling, guidance and letting a person achieve. In rehab for many people a complete need for change in life is discovered that could mean a new job or new career, a more spiritual driven life or taking up other hobbies and interests that will give them fulfillment.

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