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In Her Words


I was scared for so long to share how I feel,
I was powerless over my eating disorder, I didn’t believe it was real.
Did I eat too much, should I have eaten less?
It took me a very long time to realize that my life was a mess.

With over exercising and restricting I became afraid to eat,
I wanted the ‘perfect body’, and expectation I couldn’t possibly meet.
Learning to love myself has taken much time,
And although I have times of struggle, I now cherish this body of mine.

We cannot love ourselves thin, real change begins with self-care.
It’s impossible to grow and be a part of the solution when treating our bodies unfair.
Recovery is possible and involves acceptance, love and trust.
Learning how to listen to yourself, feelings and body is a must.

Joining Eating Disorders Anonymous has allowed me to be open, listen and share, It’s a beautiful group of people who truly do care.

This is an ongoing journey, but I promise it leads to something good.
I love myself for who I am and appreciate my body, something I never thought I could.

– Kelsey

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Specializing in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, Cedars at Cobble Hill also provide treatment for other process addictions including eating disorders and gambling.