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Rehabilitation from alcohol addiction

Admitting you have an addiction is just the first step in recovering from an addiction to alcohol there is much more to go through before you can rebuild your life and move on. You must identify what has led to an addiction to begin with, it may take a while to admit a problem and require work with psychologists and some soul searching, with addictions to alcohol and drugs especially it is easy to blame cravings but usually a psychological reason comes first and the cravings come after because you have made you r body used to a substance. With alcohol often addiction comes from trying to avoid and ignore problems in life so you may need to face these to move on and put parts of your life to right, you may even decide you need a new beginning.

Cravings are a problem with addiction of course and so simply removing what initially caused your addiction is unlikely to be enough, at rehab you may either cut down consumption or go cold turkey and stop altogether: this doesn’t work for everyone as the body may have become so used to alcohol and you may psychologically still feel the need for it and feel uncomfortable in a sober state if this is not what you have been used to for some time.

Posted By Tim