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Some Risk Factors Of Drug Addiction

How is it that some people are more prone to doing drugs than others? And how come not everyone who does drugs turns out to become an addict? These are questions we’ll be looking into which can help parents and individuals watch out for signs that lead people to turn to drugs. Hopefully, the realization will help us find solutions to prevent addiction.

It’s important to understand that anyone can become addicted to drugs; however, several factors make this easier to occur. Below are some of the more common.

Peer pressure: Peer pressure, particularly among teenagers, can force people to use drugs and develop an addiction. In the quest to be accepted, some will go to great lengths to be part of the group.

Family history: Watching family members indulge in drugs can lead others to start using. Hence, genetic makeup is a factor although not as impactful as environmental aspects.

Mental instability: Mental conditions like anxiety, depression, grief and loneliness can contribute to people using drugs. This is heightened if family does not offer a strong support system for recovery.

Poverty: Poverty has been suggested as another factor that contributes to drug addiction. However, like genetics, the environment plays a huge role since there is a sizable chunk of abusers who hail from well-to-do backgrounds.

Posted By Tim