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Sober Living

Sober living after completing addiction treatment

Sober living after completing addiction treatment, and maintaining recovery is a lifelong journey: one that doesn’t not simply start and finish with rehab or addiction treatment. The steps and support needed to achieve this goal of long-term recovery vary between each individual and are constantly changing with time.

With these ideas at the core of everything we do, from the moment of first contact, extending days, months and even years into the recovery process, the Cedars continuum of care is there to support our patients throughout their journey of recovery. Our individualized treatment plans include multiple steps of care and monitoring, in place both on campus and off campus follow-up during life after Cedars.

Life After Cedars

The period immediately after completing inpatient treatment can be one of the most challenging times on the path to recovery. Sometimes individuals need extra help getting past this challenging phase. That’s why a recovery plan needs to consider other options for post-treatment environments. When transitioning out of residential treatment it is often recommended that individuals do not initially return to previous environments. These familiar places can be full of temptations, enablers and conflict,  and can lead the recovering individual towards engaging in old habits and behaviours. 

The individualized continuum of recovery care for patients at Cedars helps set our patients up for success. This plan may include the recommendation of attending the Cedars Extended Care Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, or sober living homes. Sober living and second stage recovery homes can provide a healthy environment where individuals can focus on their recovery without added stress or relapse risks. Many people in recovery use sober housing to help with the transition from inpatient treatment to ultimately living independently. These types of homes help residents stay sober with high accountability, sober activities, structure and ongoing support, while often supporting individuals to resume activities like work or school.

For many individuals in early recovery from addiction, a sober living facility can be the difference in maintaining recovery, and sometimes even necessary. By integrating recovery into day-to-day life in a supportive environment, you can find the confidence and strength needed to achieve long-term recovery.

To learn more about sober living homes and recovery support options in British Columbia or your local area please contact the Cedars at Cobble Hill Community Care Department.

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