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Asheleigh Narey

Clinical Coordinator

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Asheleigh comes to Cedars with a diverse background in nursing, has a Diploma in Counseling, and Certification in Addictions. She plays an instrumental role in helping individuals during their recovery by providing them with a space to enjoy recreational therapy. Asheleigh has an exceptional ability to set strong boundaries while displaying empathy and care for Cedar’s patients. She is grateful to be a part of a team whom she describes as kind, helpful, and very thoughtful.  “Not only does Cedars care for those coming through treatment, but they care deeply for their staff as well. I am overjoyed that I moved to Vancouver Island and found my dream job.” After losing a friend to addiction, Asheleigh directed her grief and energy towards pursuing a career where she can help those suffering and improve their well-being. In her spare time, Asheleigh enjoys hiking, travelling, playing soccer, and working with disabled youth.