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Ashley Allan



From a young age Ashley developed a special interest in nature-based practices as she grew up in a home on the edge of a nature reserve. She spent most of her time playing in the forest and as she got older Ashley spent more of her time observing and studying natural processes. After completing her Bachelor of Arts, where she focussed on environmental sciences, she shifted towards psychology with a keen interest in how we interact with each other and our environment as well as the psychology of addiction. This shift in curiosity came from her own intimate experience with addiction in her personal experience and within her family system. Ashley moved to Vancouver Island to continue her education in clinical psychology, engaging in the graduate studies offered through City University.

As an alumni of Cedars, Ashley has personal experience with addiction and the impacts it has on individuals and their families. It has been the process of recovery which has afforded her a new sense of promise that she brings into her work on the clinical team. Ashley creates safe spaces for people to address their addictions and walks alongside individuals as they find their own sense of freedom and hope. She writes, “I am honoured to work with folks who are at the beginning of their healing journey or coming back to start again from experience. It was not so long ago that I was on the other side, stuck in seemingly endless cycles of suffering. I have seen time and time again the power of a crisis, that it can yield personal transformation. Cedars is the place to start that process. My aim is to work with individuals to see their resilience and capacity for change.”

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