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Dr. Heather Henry, MD



Dr. Heather Henry completed her family residency in Ottawa followed by a sport medicine fellowship. She discovered a love for rural and remote medicine while in Iqaluit, Nunavut where she completed her first year in residency as general practitioner. While in the north, Dr. Henry worked with a individuals suffering from a variety of health issues including significant osteoarthritis. Dr. Henry combines her musculoskeletal knowledge with her interest in addiction medicine and is able to provide the most holistic approach to patient care. She applies a non-judgmental, patient centered approach while working with her patients.

Dr. Henry hopes to maintains a lasting relationship with the people of Nunavut through ongoing clinical care, and continues to work with and support women in sport. Dr. Henry is currently working towards her addiction medicine diploma. In her spare time, Dr. Henry loves anything that takes her outside into the beauty of British Columbia. She enjoys hiking, skiing, surfing, running, and spending time with family and friends.