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Dr. Ian Forster



Dr. Ian Forster, is a key member of the Cedars team as well is a consultant for Addiction Medicine at Edmonton’s Life Mark Health Institute. Currently a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, he has seen all types of addiction treatment put into practice and is an expert in the field of addiction and chronic pain. Forster subscribes to the idea of individualized treatment, in which each patient is handled with extreme care and the focus is on attention to detail.  “Really when you look at chronic pain,” added Forster, “There are two parts. There’s the pain, then there’s the suffering. In other words, the social and psychological impact of the pain itself, and I think that’s the big chunk that we miss out on sometimes.”

Our Residential Addiction Treatment Centre

Specializing in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, Cedars at Cobble Hill also provide treatment for other process addictions including eating disorders and gambling.