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Edmond Cantin

Support Staff

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Edmond achieved sobriety in 2009 by surrendering to the 3 legacies of a 12 step program. Since then, he has chaired many committees and currently serves as a member of the District Committee by attending meetings, continuing to walk through the 12 steps, and guiding others. Edmond had been sharing his recovery story at Cedars for more than 5 years prior to becoming a member of the Support Staff team. While he enjoyed sharing his story, he now cherishes the connection with patients on a more personal level and carries the altruistic attitude found in many staff members.

Edmond enjoys many personal pursuits including music, playing the guitar, studying martial arts, working in construction, spending time with his 7 grandchildren, and spending time outdoors. By continuing to work with the 36 spiritual principles of the 12 step program, Edmond lives his life with the aspiration of bringing happiness, joy, and freedom to the patients at Cedars.