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Dr. John Lawlor, PhD, RCC

Director of Continuing Care

John Lawlor  

At Cedars Dr. Lawlor brings an empathetic and experienced focus to substance use disorder recovery and mental health wellness. He has worked in the addiction treatment field since 2008 and has held clinical and management positions in inpatient, outpatient, and continuing care settings. His clinical specialty centres on the development and delivery of ‘in-need’ evidence-based programming utilizing the most current research findings, clinical approaches, and personal recovery experience.

Dr. Lawlor earned his PhD from Grand Canyon University in 2018 and completed dissertation research that examined the psychological, social, and spiritual constructs of long-term recovery among individuals who identified as recovering or recovered alcoholics. He subscribes to the philosophy that as members of a social species, individuals thrive in the company of supportive others.  His clinical focus is driven by a desire to mitigate the negative impact of addiction and mental health challenges through the delivery of best health practices emphasizing social connectedness.

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