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Leah Saari

Support Staff

Cedars 1918 240x300  

Leah has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Addiction Studies, and is now working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. She has a diverse background in driving heavy duty trucks, working as a heavy equipment operator, and as a professional driver in the film industry. Upon Cedars’ grand opening, Leah experienced treatment first-hand and believes she has come full circle since the beginning of her journey. “I love watching people realize their potential and having the opportunity to witness the growth and change of these individuals, becoming whole and authentic. I love watching families heal and grow again. I love being of service- that’s a big part of my recovery. We only keep what we have by giving it away.” Leah was born and raised an islander, but the North has also been a big part of her story.