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Stacey C

Medical Manager


Stacey has a lifelong passion to make a difference in the lives of people she encounters. After following various career paths involving accounting, real estate, business, education and nursing, she discovered a diverse hands-on career that had a direct and positive impact in the lives of people she cared for. Directly seeing the impact true connection can make in one person’s life and the succeeding generations it affects, cemented her desire to follow this path and continue to find what is lacking for people who struggle with mental health and addiction.

As her career evolved, so did her toolkit to help lead in the unpredictable healthcare environment. Stacey is equipped with the professional soft skills required to guide, oversee, and engage staff especially during times of change. She continunley embarks on an inward journey towards developing her self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and explores how these qualities relate to enhanced leadership performance. She feels it is imperative to always have your own personal development journey in order to offer compassion, empathy and reliability when supporting patients and teams she works with.

Her sincerity for her profession is evident in her compassion and kindness towards her patients and coworkers. Even when a shift is challenging, she weathers it with calmness and a smile; her caring nature and ability to make true connections ensures no one is left out.  

Stacey is endlessly grateful to be a mother to her amazing children who are always supportive and proud of her. They have shown her what her purpose is, what true love and connection can do, and what it can achieve in the lives of others. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, camping, renovating, and exploring the island.

Stacey continues to grow from her personal experiences and uses those lessons to help others find their voice. With plans to pursue further education in the medical field, she is excited for what lies ahead.

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