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Stay Connected Through Recovery With Cedar Trails

At Cedars, we often talk about the importance of continuing care. Completing in-patient treatment is a big step forward, and one that you can and should be proud of. But recovery is a journey, and it doesn’t end when you leave Cedars. Continuing care helps provide a support system that you can rely on as you adjust to the temptations and stresses of everyday life – you don’t have to do it alone.

To help you stay connected to the community you’ve built during treatment at Cedars, we created the Cedar Trails app, a free social media platform exclusively for our alumni. When it’s difficult to come together in-person or if you need more positive online influences, you can access a community of alumni who understand what you’re experiencing and are eager to lend their support.

Since the start of COVID-19, we’ve seen alumni using the app more than ever, with nearly twice as many logins in 2020 than 2019. As our alumni do their part to keep families, friends and communities safe, Cedar Trails offers a safe place to find support, inspiration and education.

Connect with peers and coaches to find support
Returning to life outside of treatment can be challenging – while you’ve changed, the rest of the world has not and not everyone in your life will be aware of your experience. Cedar Trails is a forum to share your thoughts, struggles and celebrations with people who understand what you’ve been through and are eager to see you succeed.

The app encourages you to engage, with features including a public gratitude journal and conversation-starting questions. And, you can send private, direct messages to individual staff members when you’re in need of Cedars’ support. In emergencies, you can also call Crisis Services Canada directly with just one click through the app.


Access recovery resources and inspirational content
Ongoing education is an important aspect of continuing care. The team at Cedars collects and shares free content to support your continued learning, including book recommendations, videos, podcasts and articles. Topics range from breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and tips for staying healthy at home to nutritional psychology and the importance of play.

Alumni events are always listed on Cedar Trails, and that hasn’t changed during the pandemic! You’re always welcome to join our daily evening recovery meetings, now held over Zoom. Or, try one of the online Kundalini yoga classes hosted throughout the week.

Respecting boundaries and privacy
From the moment you join Cedar Trails, you’ll find a community ready to welcome you – but that doesn’t mean there’s any pressure to participate or engage. You choose what you share, who you want to engage with and how.

The Cedar Trails app is invite-only and is exclusively for Cedars alumni, so you can be confident in your community.

Ready to join?
All you need is an email address! Download Cedar Trails from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions to set-up an account. A request will be sent to Cedars to confirm that you are an alumni, and once your request has been approved, you’re ready to go.

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