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The strain addiction puts on a relationship

With an addiction it is common for the addict to be seen as the victim, having had to turn to drink, drugs or another means of satisfaction in able to deal with their problems in life. It is certainly right to realize that addicts usually are victims of circumstance rather than people with addictive or destructive personalities but in this the partner and people with other close relationships to the addict often get forgotten.

For a devoted long-term partner seeing their loved one become less and less like themselves as a result of an addiction is very painful. Often, but by no means always, addiction can lead the addict to abuse both physical and mental. Ignoring their partner as well as they become consumed by an addiction is also likely and hard for the partner to bear. The partner also then has the difficult task of trying to get the addict to admit their problem that isn’t easy to do even for a specially trained psychologist. With many addictions to drugs especially the drug allows the addict to ignore their life and responsibilities, often it starts because of a problem they wish to ignore. This can seem very selfish to a partner though who may be the one left alone to pick up the pieces.

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