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How to tell if you have an addiction

People with addictions rarely realize they have an addiction until it is much too late and it is deep set. The problem with many addictions is that you may feel you can do without something until you try to stop. For many with drugs and alcohol addiction it isn’t until they face a scare of health problems and try to stop or cut down that they realize they have an addiction. An addiction doesn’t necessarily involve cravings, if you have a regular routine and a regular time or times of day to feed an addiction in whatever way then you may not notice it, until you break that routine. Trying to stop something and not being able to is the easiest way to spot an addiction, if you find yourself saying, why shouldn’t I have this or do this I enjoy it then this is just an excuse, though you may not be aware of an addiction parts of your brain are already working against you. Addictions are often shown up where with a choice of one thing or the thing that feeds an addiction you will feed the addiction, even things you should do or would usually want to do. Skipping a family meal to go to a bar is an example or turning down sex with your partner to look at pornography instead.

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