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As a nationally accredited essential healthcare service, Cedars remains open and accepting patients meeting our COVID-19 admissions criteria. You can also request a copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan. Please contact us for more information about our programs.

Going through Cedars has helped me see that my life doesn’t have to be unmanageable and out of control. These days I hold my head up high I’m not shy, not scared and not alone, lost most of my anxiety and am no longer a menace to society. Cedars helped me put my feet back on the ground and gave me a solid foundation for my recovery. I still have the challenges and hurdles of everyday life to deal with; but I deal with all these without the use of alcohol or drugs (so much easier)! When I first walked in to Cedars I felt welcomed! The office staff, support staff, kitchen staff, gym instructor, Doctors and the of course the Counsellors are all world class! The friends I made at Cedars are all still a huge part of my new life. I now wake up every morning with a good conscience, knowing I do not have to say sorry too all the people I would have hurt if I was drinking. My work and family life are much better; I am reliable and a safe person to work with, I have a lot of patience and now have true feelings. In closing I would like to say thank you to all Cedars staff for saving my life!!

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