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Going through Cedars has helped me see that my life doesn’t have to be unmanageable and out of control. These days I hold my head up high I’m not shy, not scared and not alone, lost most of my anxiety and am no longer a menace to society. Cedars helped me put my feet back on the ground and gave me a solid foundation for my recovery. I still have the challenges and hurdles of everyday life to deal with; but I deal with all these without the use of alcohol or drugs (so much easier)! When I first walked in to Cedars I felt welcomed! The office staff, support staff, kitchen staff, gym instructor, Doctors and the of course the Counsellors are all world class! The friends I made at Cedars are all still a huge part of my new life. I now wake up every morning with a good conscience, knowing I do not have to say sorry too all the people I would have hurt if I was drinking. My work and family life are much better; I am reliable and a safe person to work with, I have a lot of patience and now have true feelings. In closing I would like to say thank you to all Cedars staff for saving my life!!