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Cedars did what it said it would do, Cedars did change my family significantly, by changing my life significantly. I was shown skill sets and was given knowledge to deal with the issues going forward. It was the sharing of all involved in the environment of self examination that brought about a new self awareness I had never before appreciated. As a result of the process, I have been a more complete Human Being, not just a Human Doing. My family needed me and I was in most cases somewhat absent. I didn’t have the tools to work the problems. Since Cedars, I have the tools and with my wife, have slowly but surely re-established a new dynamic in and across the family. We all now appear happier, not just in our immediate home but in our extended families. My work situation has improved significantly. I can say, for sure, that the team building in my practice is now delivering the best service I have personally delivered in thirty years of practice. The interesting thing is that my personal effort is half of what it used to be before Cedars, to get the same result. This is likely another benefit that I was able to garner, the ability to lead more effectively and communicate clearly with more meaningful conversations. Now more than ever before in our practice, high end, high performance, high satisfaction and a happy motivated staff with truly happy Veterinarians. All my personal relations have significantly improved. I claim to many that I have, after 56 years of desensitized Human Doing, matured to a sensitive Human Being. It’s amazing for others to change, you yourself have to change first. It was a gift for me to have an addict in my family – we’ve all changed and we’re all a lot better for it.

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