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I think of Cedars as a healing sanctuary. I arrived in September 2006 completely broken by the disease of alcoholism. I had no understanding of the seriousness and/or complexity of my condition. During my 44 day treatment I learned about alcoholism and addiction as a disease and I was presented with a solution. With the guidance of knowledgeable and supportive Counsellors and staff, I was challenged to break out of unhealthy behaviour patterns and isolation and become an equal member of a healthy, spiritual community. I was given many recovery tools and introduced to the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to build a foundation for a new life. I have successfully implemented everything I learned at Cedars into my life and have remained sober. I recently returned to participate in the Discovery program. I consider it a vital part of my ongoing recovery. There I was able to uproot some core issues related to my drinking history in a safe and supportive environment. I’m only 25 years old; I was very near death before coming to Cedars for help, now I have hope in my heart, love and friendship in my life and a future before me. I look forward to a continued relationship with Cedars for many more sober years!

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