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The Use Of Labyrinths In Residential Addiction Treatment

The Use of Labyrinths in Residential Addiction Treatment

The Labyrinth, an ancient symbol relating to wholeness, is a walkable, single path used for psychological transformation, and an excellent addition to any residential addiction treatment program.

A Labyrinth represents a journey to our own centre and back again out into the world.

Labyrinths have long been used as a tool for meditation and insight all over the world. Because a specific path is laid out a walking meditation in the labyrinth offers a structure and pattern that is thought to enhance right-brain activity. Walking the path can be a relaxing, often spiritual experience which aids our patients to safely and gently explore their own thoughts, emotions and memories as well as practice a new form of grounding and being. Other common benefits include:

–          Create greater awareness of thoughts, emotions and memories

–          Reduce stress, agitation and anxiety

–          Replenish energy

–          Create more clarity, focus and peacefulness

–          Decrease somatic stress and worry

–          Stabilize blood pressure, gain higher physical and mental relaxation

–          Improve overall wellness and health

–          Nurture a spiritual to connection to the earth and a higher power

–          Aid in the practice of letting go and living one day, one step at a time.

After entering treatment at Cedars in Cobble Hill, BC the path of recovery can often feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Patients are asked to trust the process, to let go and ask for help. The path of the Labyrinth parallels this experience. A person walking into the labyrinth can trust they will not get lost and will return from the centre with new insight and sense of well-being. Whether an individual is recovering from alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction to prescription medication, substance abuse, sex addiction, disordered eating or another process addiction the use of the labyrinth in residential addiction treatment can help calm the mind, sooth the soul, and bring forth a sense of peace for every individual. Walking the Labyrinth can also complement and enhance other forms of therapy (i.e.. Cognitive Behavioural & Group Therapy) especially for those suffering from addictions or substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual abuse, and those working through grief and loss.

Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC Cedars is proud to offer our patients this rewarding and healing experience. Situated on the Cobble Hill property, a natural therapeutic setting on over 65 acres, our patients can utilize the Labyrinth and other alternative therapies and techniques in a safe environment conducive to their addiction treatment and journey of recovery.

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