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Cedars Cobble Hill Alcohol Addiction Program can help you recover to full mental and physical health. Unlike drug addiction, in society alcohol is not only socially accepted, but even expected at times. But when dependency begins, it’s time to quit drinking. Despite the difficulties of alcohol dependency and addiction, treatment and help is available and recovery is possible at Cedars.

Despite the rise of various drugs in recent years, alcohol remains the leading addictive substance for patients at Cedars and many other rehab programs across Canada. According to Health Canada, it’s estimated that 4 to 5 million Canadians regularly engage in high-risk drinking.

Engaging in high-risk drinking for a prolonged period of time is proven to cause a number of potentially fatal health problems including cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, mental health issues and other diseases. Acute alcohol-related problems can lead to alcohol poisoning, and poor lack of judgement resulting in injury or death. Above all, alcohol abuse can impact families, employment and living situations.

Alcoholism originates from complex biological processes, and as such recovery from alcoholism can be quite difficult. But at Cedars, we can help make it possible by providing the best platform for success, one that’s specifically catered to address issues specific to alcohol rehabilitation.

Our alcohol addiction treatment program fully understands the complexities of addiction and how different its causes and effects can be. In preparing for a future free of alcohol, we’ll help implement changes and alternatives to how to respond to social pressures. We want each of our patients to recover to full mental and physical health, as well as renew their family relationships, careers and reputations.

Alcohol Counselling

Counselling is the cornerstone of the clinical work at Cedars. During the rehabilitation process, patients will be encouraged to participate in various types of counselling sessions to explore and identify personal strengths and opportunities for growth in a safe and invitational manner.

Alcohol Detox

To facilitate your success, the process begins with a safe and medically monitored detox program. Withdrawal effects from alcohol can be life threatening, but our staff of medical experts are available around-the-clock to ensure that patients safely detox in a controlled environment.

What is Alcohol Detox?

Simply put, detox involves clearing the body of drugs or alcohol. At Cedars, our professionally monitored medical detox provides the most comfortable transition during the early stages in recovery from alcohol addiction. Throughout the process, patients will receive 24-hour care. Our team of doctors and nurses, along with our knowledgeable support staff, work diligently to facilitate a safe detox with proper monitoring.

Alcohol withdrawal can have serious, and potentially life-threatening effects. Individuals who go through detox often feel uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, rapid heartbeat, changes in blood pressure, sweating, tremors and fever. At Cedars, there’s no set length of time for alcohol detox but rather treatment is built around the needs, strength and preferences of each individual.

Although a vital part of the early stages of treatment, detox alone is not sufficient for successful recovery as it often only addresses the physical effects of addiction, but not the mental or psychological aspects. Therefore, detox followed by a multi-faceted inpatient treatment program and continuing care is the best way to ensure abstinence is not only achieved but maintained.

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