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Welcome to Cedars at Cobble Hill, a full service addiction treatment centre offering solutions for full recovery. Whether you, a loved one, an employee, a patient, or a client struggles with addiction, our team of recovery specialists are here to help.

Our programs offer a complete continuum of care including detoxification, primary treatment, extended care and a comprehensive continuing care program. Our ability to accept both self and professional referrals from anywhere, combined with our highly individualized programs, means that we are able to deliver specialized treatment to nearly all individuals suffering from addiction.


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It takes courage to acknowledge that your loved one needs help. It’s also equally important to remember that addiction takes a toll on the entire family system and can have significant consequences on each individual’s health. We invite family members to recognize their own need for support, and seek help for the addicted individual.

Long-term recovery is much more than simply abstinence, being clean, or staying sober – it’s about repairing connections and restoring a healthy mind, body, soul and relationships for all those involved. As such, our programs are built with the whole family system in mind. The Cedars recovery process will involve counselling sessions, therapy, education and reflection as an opportunity for families to mend together to return to a healthy state.

We encourage all family members and loved ones of those who are attending residential addiction treatment at Cedars to fill out our Concerned Persons Form, which will provide us with the information needed to start the recovery process.


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Alcohol and drug use among employees and their family members can be expensive for any business. Problems range from lost productivity, absenteeism, injuries, fatalities and low employee morale, to an increase in health care, legal liabilities and workers’ compensation costs. Research shows us that employees were absent, late or unproductive 34-43% of working days because of their addiction prior to seeking help.

Aside from the glaring mental and physical concerns, preventing your employees from getting the treatment they need affects your bottom line.

At Cedars, our addiction treatment programs feature a wide variety of integrated and targeted methods to address the mental health and addiction challenges impacting your employees who struggle with addiction. We will partner with you to learn about your organization and what you value in terms of results, integration, care and support.

This partnership will be built with the ultimate goal to help you achieve a healthy and productive workplace built on organizational health and wellness. Treatment updates, workplace education and a comprehensive return to work plan are just some of the elements that Cedars instills to positively address addiction in the workplace and help achieve long-term success.

Looking for help? Contact us at any time.


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As a frontline healthcare provider, your mission is to provide the best referral and level of care possible for your patient. Our mission is no different.

At Cedars, we offer a full continuum of care for those suffering from substance abuse disorders and process disorders, as well as a range of other psychiatric illnesses. As a nationally recognized centre of excellence, our primary goal for patients is a full recovery.

However, we know full well that treatment programs are by no means a final destination. And as a member of the patient’s healthcare team, you play an equally important role in this journey. Together, we form a treatment team built on partnership to rehabilitate and lay the foundation for sustainable long-term recovery.

Looking for help? Contact us at any time.


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As insurance professionals, your clients’ success is contingent on their plan members being healthy and productive. At Cedars, we want to ensure that you are able to provide your plan members with a continuum of care that enhances both health and productivity.

As our partners, we’ll take care of you, your plan members, and their businesses through evidence-based education, behavioural change, workplace development and workplace wellness.

Looking for help? Contact us at any time.


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Suppose someone you care about is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, or are engaged in other harmful behaviours but refuses to get help. In that case, intervention can be the most loving, healthy and successful way to move them towards a path of recovery.

Cedars at Cobble Hill can provide excellent referrals for an interventionist in your area who is licensed and provides extensive personal and professional experience.

For more information regarding interventions, Contact us at any time.

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