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In some cases, a controlled and medically supervised withdrawal is necessary. Addiction treatment at Cedars at Cobble Hill is completely individualized and this approach includes the detoxification process. Each individual’s needs will be assessed both clinically and medically, and the proper medical protocol for that person will be applied.

Although it may be intimidating, medically assisted detox makes the process as comfortable as possible, in a safe and controlled environment. Users not utilizing professional detox treatment will often experience uncomfortable symptoms including bone and muscle pain, insomnia, diarrhea, cold flashes, restlessness and involuntary limb movements.

At Cedars, our professionally monitored medical detox provides the most comfortable transition during the early stages in recovery. Throughout the process, patients will receive 24-hour care.

Our team of doctors and nurses, along with our knowledgeable support staff, work diligently to facilitate a safe detox, with proper monitoring, allowing for smooth transition into our full treatment program when it is most suitable for the patient.