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Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse or addictions don’t have the luxury of taking time off work or leaving their home lives to seek full-time, residential treatment. In fact, personal or vocational obligations, as well as financial reasons, are some of the most common barriers preventing those who need help from receiving it. Also, in certain cases, individual counselling or long-term intensive residential rehab programs are simply not the best option for the patient.

At Cedars, we understand these issues and as such, have created an outpatient program alternative for individuals suffering from addiction in the region surrounding Victoria, BC. Cedars Victoria is specifically designed to accommodate work, life and recovery in an harmonious environment for those who need an alternative to inpatient care.

The Cedars Victoria outpatient program is also an extension of care for those returning from our regular inpatient care program. As an extension of the inpatient program, it provides an excellent framework for reintegration into daily life and a comfortable environment founded on the support of others going through many of the same life scenarios.

Full recovery from addiction is possible, and at Cedars Victoria we help make that statement a reality for any individual through specialized programs designed to fit the unique lives of our patients.

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The clinical team at Cedars Victoria has designed and optimized an innovative Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for individuals who require a high-level of treatment but also require an alternative to a long-term residential rehab program. This program is suitable for a wide range of dependence-related disorders beyond alcohol and drug abuse, including addictions to gambling, sex, food and even work.

This multifaceted program includes comprehensive treatment methods like group counselling, education, relapse prevention and other psychological services in order to foster physical, emotional and spiritual recovery.

The Cedars IOP starts with a comprehensive assessment, followed by three phases of treatment spread out over a three-month period. It is designed to provide an in-depth, short-term treatment plan for addiction, without requiring patients to take time away from home or work. Cedars Victoria can also provide recommendations for hotel accommodations for individuals travelling to the South Vancouver Island from elsewhere.


Comprehensive Assessment

Individuals considering our outpatient program will first partake in a comprehensive assessment, to evaluate motivation and determine suitability for outpatient treatment. The IOP runs three times a year, with start dates in the fall, winter and spring. If the IOP is recommended, the individual will be enrolled for the next start date of the program.



  • Sessions on the many dimensions of recovery focusing on nutrition, self-talk, stress management, spirituality, goal-setting and more
  • Relapse prevention
  • Group process therapy
  • Daily homework on various topics related to health
  • Introduction to meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques
  • Relationship between addiction and mental health (eg. depression and anxiety)
  • Understanding and coping with strong emotions
  • Continuous self-care plans for between phases
  • Family involvement and education
  • Introduction to addiction as a chronic brain disease
  • Holistic recovery options
  • Communication exercises
  • Continuing care planning



  • Identifying and coping with relapse warning signs
  • Characteristics of addiction
  • Recovery from substances and beyond
  • Personality typing
  • Self-care
  • Daily homework
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Continuing care
  • Group process therapy
  • Art therapy



  • Recovery for life
  • Fear/faith
  • Control
  • Shame/serenity
  • Group process therapy
  • Role-playing challenges in recovery
  • Shame, resilience and vulnerability
  • Daily homework
  • Additional continuing care community resources


At Cedars Victoria, our outpatient program has been designed to fit your life, on your terms. Because whatever your needs are, we’ll help remove the barriers to recovery and establish an individualized program, customized to your needs in achieving a successful, long-term recovery.

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