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Cedars at Cobble Hill is a full-service treatment centre offering a comprehensive continuum of addiction recovery programs providing the foundation for sustainable recovery for both men and women. At Cedars, we recognize that addiction is a treatable illness with psychological, spiritual, and social implications. With precise care properly applied, abstinence and long-term recovery from addiction can be expected. Our individualized, abstinence-based and holistic approach to addiction treatment and recovery includes the body, mind and spirit. We evaluate the biological, psychological and social factors influencing one’s road to addiction recovery.


The Cedars at Cobble Hill campus is a community of support built on holistic values that nurture the mind, body and spirit. The beauty of the natural surroundings of British Columbia’s spectacular West Coast provides a tranquil setting for you to focus on what’s most important.

Specializing in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, we also provide treatment for other types of process addiction, including eating disorders and gambling. Our programs are built on innovative treatment, patient-driven care and evidence-based practices. Wherever you are in the recovery process, we’ll meet you there in a warm and safe environment that will help facilitate success in recovery.

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Addiction is as complex and unique as the people and families they affect. As such, a recovery care plan must be properly individualized to address those complex and unique needs in order to be successful. Cedars at Cobble Hill’s residential substance abuse treatment program is built with that knowledge at the core, offering individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs and recovery support services.

All programs are fully individualized based on each patient’s the clinical and medical needs. After a thorough initial assessment, our professional staff will continue to monitor the treatment plan, making adjustments when needed to establish a dynamic framework for long-term recovery.


Alcohol Addiction

A highly addictive drug, alcohol is a depressant and is second only to tobacco as the substance that causes the most harm to Canadians. The complexities of alcoholism are vast, with many different causes and effects. At Cedars, our alcohol addiction program considers a variety of biopsychosocial factors to ensure we provide the best platform for success.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction and substance abuse can be overwhelming. But a robust framework of education, counselling and support, long-term recovery is possible. Our drug addiction treatment program offers just that, and more including, medically monitored detox and the critical foundation of the 12-Step recovery principles to ensure that there are no barriers to a successful outcome.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Process Addiction

A process addiction is an addiction to a wide variety of behavioural activities or actions like gambling, sex, the Internet, working or eating disorders. Although they don’t involve substances like drugs or alcohol, process addictions can be debilitating and difficult to overcome. Regardless of what type of challenges each patient faces with their process addiction, our individualized treatment options will facilitate success in recovery.

Process Addiction Treatment


Regardless of the substance of choice, the bottom line is that addiction is a chronic and progressive neurobiological brain disease with psychological, spiritual, and social implications. A disease that impacts all aspects of life, addiction can have physical and mental effects on family systems, employment, and living environments.

Cedars at Cobble Hill offers a complete recovery experience, incorporating a person’s mind, body, spirit and emotions in the healing process through a holistic therapeutic approach. A full recovery outcome includes improving self-esteem, repairing relationships with self and others, and setting goals to build a foundation for lasting change.

Cedars provides a full continuum of residential addiction programs for men and women, designed to provide a framework for sustainable recovery. These comprehensive programs facilitate a personalized treatment process that promotes continuous progress and growth.

Our residential recovery programs offer several multidisciplinary care options designed to suit diverse needs, including:

  • A comprehensive medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual assessment process
  • Separate residences for men and women
  • Individualized plans to ensure each client is matched to the right treatment. Treatment may include separate treatment streams for clients with co-occurring disorders to treat both illnesses effectively.
  • A length of stay that is determined by measured progress towards patient and staff-identified goals
  • High staff to patient ratio
  • Individual therapy
  • Psychodynamic group therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/ Motivational Enhancement Therapy/ Dialectic Behavioural Therapy
  • Integrated Wellness Services: Offering Massage (Relaxation and/or Therapeutic), Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, BodyTalk and Breathwork facilitation
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Educational Seminars
  • Art therapy & recovering words workshop
  • Spiritual guidance from our team of chaplains and local First Nations elders
  • Daily exercise with our physical trainer, yoga sessions and walks on our 65 acres of forested trails
  • An approach to recovery that emphasizes balance. Good nutrition, exercise and mindfulness practices are an essential part of a full recovery.
  • Twelve-step facilitated therapy supported by on-site meetings
  • An individualized continuing care plan upon completion
  • Visiting on Sundays from 1:30 to 4:00 pm with clinical approval


Our gender-specific residences foster private and safe interpersonal boundaries for individuals entering addiction treatment. Although it is important for co-ed integration during various stages of the treatment process, gender-specific housing and women’s group activities a provided to create a comfortable environment for each patient. This atmosphere of openness and acceptance within the group reduces external distractions and provides a strong level of comfort.

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