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Types of Drug Rehab Programs in Canada

Drug rehab is a collective term which refers to treatment for all kinds psychoactive drug dependencies. The primary objective of this treatment is to free the patient from addiction, helping avoid social, psychological, financial and physical consequences of extreme abuse. Common items which people are addicted to include alcohol, prescription drugs and street drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc.

There are a variety of drug rehab programs in Canada which include residential and outpatient treatment, support groups, extended care centers, addiction counseling, etc. Being able to provide personalized care is important for effective treatment and some programs are even gender and age specific. It focuses on the needs of the addict and not just on the nature of addiction.

Most drug rehab programs include detox, medication, behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention. It focuses on the metal health and needs of the addict and provides family or community based support systems. Addiction to certain drugs can even be treated using other drugs. For example, methadone is an effective treatment for addiction to prescription medicines.

The key to a rehab program is the willingness of the candidate. If the patient is not willing to put in the effort, the entire treatment will be futile.

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